English for conversation

English Conversation is a class to study and master more than 1500 phrases and conversations used every day in real-life situations by those who reside, work and grow within the United States. It’s the English that you have to speak!
With a pedagogical system designed for those whose primary native language is Spanish, English for Conversation provides you with something that isn’t available in any English class: you will learn in a short time and in an easy way, the most extensive range of phrases and expressions common to everyday usage throughout America. The United States, through clear explanations and carefully translated texts that allow you to comprehend and absorb the contents of the course at last and completely. This course provides:

2 Hours of English Conversation Practice

  • More than 300 illustrations
    More than 100 self-correcting exercises for self-correction on the same page
    There are a myriad of suggestions to help you learn English;
  • more than 100 basic ideas of the practical application of the language
  • an extensive collection of notes on culture from the United States;
  • over 800 dialogues over 30 chapters of a spirited tale that reimagines the everyday life of those living within the US;
  • more than 700 terms included in over 50 vocabulary topics
  • over 500 verbal expressions that are common usage across the United States.
    The United States. Being able to speak English effectively is essential! The most recent and up-to-date course available to help you learn a language is a practical and comprehensive content delivered in a vibrant visual style. With English for Conversation, you’ll learn to talk about a language while having fun while getting familiar with American culture.


Conversational English is an educational and language-learning program with over 1,500 words and dialogues utilized in many everyday scenarios by people who reside, work, and develop within the United States.
This program offers the English you require to be able to communicate! This sophisticated and rich content program for learning to speak is currently presented with animation and visuals.

With a learning method specially designed for Spanish speakers, Conversational English offers something that is not available in other books. In this book, you’ll be able to learn, speedily and efficiently, the complete collection of verbal and non-verbal phrases that are used in everyday life throughout America. The United States. Through clear explanations and precise translations, you’ll be able to comprehend and absorb the contents for the rest of your everyday life. With Conversational English, you’ll be able to enjoy a lot of fun as you master the language and get acquainted with the American culture. The United States.


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