Short stories for kids about Farm animals

Best Short Stories For Kids

  1. The Miser and His Gold

A garden was home for an old miser who lived in it. The miser kept his gold coins hidden in a pit beneath some stones in the park. The miser would go to the garden to hide his gold coins each day before going to sleep. This was a daily routine that he continued every day. However, he never spent the gold he had saved.

A thief knew the routine of the old miser and waited for him to return inside his house. The thief got to the hiding spot and stole the gold after it had darkened. The old miser discovered that his treasure was gone the next day and began crying.

The miser’s cries were heard by his neighbor, who inquired about the incident. The neighbor asked about what had happened and asked why he hadn’t saved the money. It would have been much easier to get the money when you needed to purchase something.

The miser said, “Buy!” “I have never used gold to purchase anything. It was not going to be spent.”

The neighbor heard this and threw a rock into the pit. It’s as useless as the gold you’ve lost.”

  1. 2.

A tortoise was sitting under a tree where a bird had made its nest. The tortoise mockingly said to the bird, “What a poor home you have!” It’s made from broken twigs and has no roof. It also looks very crude. It is worse, and you had to construct it yourself. My house, which I call my shell, is better than your miserable nest.

It is made from broken sticks, and it looks rough. It’s crude, but I built it, and it is my favorite thing about it.”

The tortoise said, “It’s like any other nest but not better than mine.” “You must be jealous of mine shell, however.”

The bird said, “On the contrary.” “My home is big enough for my family and friends. Your shell can’t accommodate you. Perhaps you have a better home. The bird smiled happily, “But I have a better house.”

  1. The Cows and The Tiger

A forest was home to four cows. They became good friends and shared everything. They grazed together and stayed together. This was why no tigers nor lions could kill them for food.

However, one day, the friends got into a fight, and each cow began to graze in its direction. The cows were spotted by a lion and a tiger who decided it was the right time to kill them. They disguised themselves in the bush and shocked the cows, killing them one by one.

  1. The Golden Egg

One day, a farmer owned a goose that laid a golden egg every day. The farmer and his wife had enough money to cover their daily needs. The farmer and his wife lived happily for a while. The farmer thought of a better idea. He decided to take only one egg per day. Why can’t I have all the eggs at once and make lots of money?

The wife of the foolish farmer agreed to the plan and cut the goose’s stomach to hatch the eggs. They found nothing but blood and guts after they had killed the bird. Realizing his mistake, the farmer cries about the loss of resources.

This classic story inspired the English expression “kill the goose that lays golden eggs.”

  1. The Midas Touch

There was an ancient Greek king called Midas. He had plenty of gold and all the things he needed. He had a beautiful child. Midas was a great lover of his gold, but he loved his child more than his wealth.

Silenus, a Satyr, got drunk one day and fell asleep in Midas’ rose garden. Midas believes that Satyrs bring good luck and allows Silenus to rest in his palace until his sobriety, against the will of his wife. Silenus is a friend to Dionysus the God of wine, celebration and joy. Upon learning Midas’ kindness towards his friend, Dionysus decides to reward the keg.

Midas said, “I wish all that I touch turns into gold.” Even though it was a bad idea, Dionysus granted Midas the wish.

Midas was happy to have his wish granted. He touched random objects in his garden and palace, and all of them turned into gold. Midas touched an apple, and the apple turned into a shiny, gold apple. His subjects were amazed but delighted to see so many gold coins in the palace.

Midas was so happy, he hugged his daughter and, before he knew it, had turned her into an inanimate, golden statue. Aghast ran to Midas and called Dionysus. He begged God for help and asked him to remove his power. Midas is given a solution by Dionysus to restore everything to the way it was before he made his wish. Midas learned his lesson and lived the rest of his life with the things he had.

  1. 6.

One day, a shepherd boy was bored looking at his sheep flock on the hill. He shouted “Wolf!” to amuse himself. Wolf! Wolf! The boy laughed at their anger, and they found nothing.

They yelled angrily, “Don’t cry “wolf” when there is no wolf boy!” and then left. They laughed at the boy.

After some time, he became bored and started to cry wolf again. This fooled the village a second time. Angry villagers warned the boy, and he fled. The boy watched the flock and continued to watch. He finally saw a real Wolf and shouted, “Wolf!” Please help! Help! Please help!

However, this time no one came to his aid. The boy had not returned home by evening, so the village pondered what had happened, and they went up the hill. The boy wept on the mountain. He cried out angrily, “Why didn’t you come when i called out for a wolf?” He said, “The flock has been scattered now.”

A villager said to him, “People will not believe liars even if they tell the truth.” Tomorrow morning, we’ll go to your sheep. Let’s get home now.


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