92 Electrical Interview Questions and Answers

Electrical Interview Questions updated on 2020

1. What’s a System?

When various components or parts are linked in a sequence to carry out a particular perform, the group of components that each one represent a System

2. What’s Management System?

In a System the output and inputs are interrelated in such a fashion that the output amount or variable is managed by enter amount, then such a system is known as Management System.
The output amount is known as managed variable or response and the enter amount is known as command sign or excitation.

3. What are several types of Management Methods?

Two main forms of Management Methods are 1) Open loop Management System 2) Closed Loop Management Methods
Open loop Management Methods:The Open loop Management System is one during which the Output Amount has no impact on the Enter Amount. No suggestions is current from the output amount to the enter amount for correction.
Closed Loop Management System:The Closed loop Management System is one during which the suggestions is offered from the Output amount to the enter amount for the correction in order to take care of the specified output of the system.

4. What’s a suggestions in Management System?

The Suggestions in Management System in a single during which the output is sampled and proportional sign is fed again to the enter for computerized correction of the error ( any change in desired output) for futher processing to get again the specified output.

5. Why Unfavourable Suggestions is preffered within the Management System?

The position of Suggestions in management system is to take the sampled output again to the enter and examine output sign with enter sign for error ( deviation from the specified consequence). 
Unfavourable Suggestions ends in the higher stability of the system and rejects any disturbance indicators and is much less delicate to the parameter variations. Therefore in management methods destructive suggestions is taken into account.

6. What’s the impact of optimistic suggestions on stability of the system?

Constructive suggestions is just not used typically within the management system as a result of it will increase the error sign and drives the system to instability. However optimistic feedbacks are utilized in minor loop management methods to amplify sure inner indicators and parameters

7. What’s Latching present?

Gate sign is to be utilized to the thyristor to set off the thyristor ON in secure mode. When the thyristor begins conducting the ahead present above the minimal worth, known as Latching present, the gate sign which is utilized to set off the machine in not require to maintain the scr in ON place.

8. What’s Holding present ?

When scr is conducting present in ahead conduction state, scr will return to ahead blocking state when the anode present or ahead present falls beneath a low degree known as Holding present
Be aware: Latching present and Holding present should not similar. Latching present is related to the activate strategy of the scr whereas holding present is related to the flip off course of. Basically holding present will probably be barely lesser than the latching present.

9. Why thyristor is taken into account as Cost managed machine?

Through the triggering strategy of the thyristor from ahead blocking state to ahead conduction state by means of the gate sign, by making use of the gate sign (voltage between gate and cathode) will increase the minority provider density within the p-layer and thereby facilitate the reverse break over of the junction J2 and thyristor begins conducting. Greater the magnitude of the gate present pulse, lesser is the time required to inject the cost and turning on the scr. By controlling the quantity of cost we are able to management the turning on time of the scr.

10. What are the completely different losses that happen in thyristor whereas working?

Completely different losses that happen are
a)Ahead conduction losses throughout conduction of the thyristor
b)Loss because of leakage present throughout ahead and reverse blocking.
c)Energy loss at gate or Gate triggering loss. 
d)Switching losses at turn-on and turn-off.

11. What is supposed by knee level voltage?

Knee level voltage is calculated for electrical Present transformers and is essential issue to decide on a CT. It’s the voltage at which a CT will get saturated.(CT-current transformer).

12. What’s reverse energy relay?

Reverse Energy circulation relay are utilized in producing stations’s safety. A producing stations is meant to fed energy to the grid and in case producing models are off,there isn’t any technology within the plant then plant might take energy from grid. To cease the circulation of energy from grid to generator we use reverse energy relay.

13. What is going to occur if DC provide is given on the first of a transformer?

Primarily transformer has excessive inductance and low resistance.In case of DC provide there isn’t any inductance ,solely resistance will act within the electrical circuit. So excessive electrical present will circulation by means of main aspect of the transformer.So for that reason coil and insulation will burn out.

14. What’s the distinction between isolators and electrical circuit breakers? What’s bus-bar?

Isolators are primarily for switching function beneath regular situations however they can’t function in fault situations .Truly they used for isolating the CBs for upkeep. Whereas CB will get activated beneath fault situations in line with the fault detected.Bus bar is nothing however a junction the place the facility is getting distributed for impartial masses.

15. What are the benefit of free wheeling diode in a Full Wave rectifier?

It reduces the harmonics and it additionally reduces sparking and arching throughout the mechanical change in order that it reduces the voltage spike seen in a inductive load.

16. Point out the strategies for beginning an induction motor?

The completely different strategies of beginning an induction motor:
a)DOL:direct on-line starter
b)Star delta starter
c)Auto transformer starter
d)Resistance starter
e)Sequence reactor starter

17. What’s the energy issue of an alternator at no load?

At no load Synchronous Impedance of the alternator is chargeable for creating angle distinction. So it must be zero lagging like inductor.

18. What’s the perform of anti-pumping in circuit breaker?

When breaker is shut at one time by shut push button,the anti pumping contactor forestall re shut the breaker by shut push button after if it already shut.

19. What’s stepper motor.what’s its makes use of?

Stepper motor is {the electrical} machine which act upon enter pulse utilized to it. it’s one kind of synchronous motor which runs in steps in both route as an alternative of operating in full, in automation components it’s used.

20. There are a Transformer and an induction machine. These two have the identical provide. For which machine the load present will probably be most? And why?

The motor has max load present examine to that of transformer as a result of the motor consumes actual energy.. and the transformer is just producing the working flux and its not consuming.. therefore the load present within the transformer is due to core loss so it’s minimal.

21. What’s SF6 Circuit Breaker?

SF6 is Sulpher hexa Flouride gasoline.. if this gasoline is used as arc quenching medium in a Circuitbreaker means SF6 CB.

22. What’s ferrantic impact?

Output voltage is bigger than the enter voltage or receiving finish voltage is bigger than the sending finish voltage.

23. What is supposed by insulation voltage in cables? clarify it?

It’s the property of a cable by advantage of it might probably face up to the utilized voltage with out rupturing it is called insulation degree of the cable.

24. What’s the distinction between MCB & MCCB, The place it may be used?

MCB is miniature circuit breaker which is thermal operated and use for brief circuit safety in small present score circuit. MCCB moulded case circuit breaker and is thermal operated for over load present and magnetic operation for fast journey in brief circuit situation.beneath voltage and beneath frequency could also be inbuilt. Usually it’s used the place regular present is greater than 100A.

25. The place ought to the lighting arrestor be positioned in distribution traces?

Close to distribution transformers and out going feeders of 11kv and incomming feeder of 33kv and close to energy transformers in sub-stations.

26. Outline IDMT relay?

It’s an inverse particular minimal time relay.In IDMT relay its working is inversely proportional and likewise a attribute of minimal time after which this relay operates.It’s inverse within the sense ,the tripping time will lower because the magnitude of fault present enhance.

27. What are the transformer losses?

TRANSFORMER LOSSES – Transformer losses have two sources-copper loss and magnetic loss. Copper losses are brought on by the resistance of the wire (I2R). Magnetic losses are brought on by eddy currents and hysteresis within the core. Copper loss is a continuing after the coil has been wound and subsequently a measurable loss. Hysteresis loss is fixed for a selected voltage and present. Eddy-current loss, nevertheless, is completely different for every frequency handed by means of the transformer.

28. what’s the full type of KVAR?

We all know there are three forms of energy in Electricals as Energetic, obvious & reactive. So KVAR is stand for “Kilo Volt Amps with Reactive part.
29. Two bulbs of 100w and 40w respectively linked in collection throughout a 230v provide which bulb will glow vibrant and why?

Since two bulbs are in collection they’ll get equal quantity {of electrical} present however as the availability voltage is fixed throughout the bulb(P=V^2/R).So the resistance of 40W bulb is bigger and voltage throughout 40W is extra (V=IR) so 40W bulb will glow brighter.

30. Why temperature rise is carried out in bus bars and isolators? 

Bus bars and isolators are rated for steady energy circulation, which means they carry heavy currents which rises their temperature. so it’s crucial to check this units for temperature rise.


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