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According to state data, more than half of the city school children still struggle with basic math and English even though their state exam scores slightly improved this year, state data was released Thursday.
According to the data, while state officials were happy with the scores increasing, only 47.4% of students in the city’s grades 3-8 scored proficient in English and 45.6% made it to grade in math.
The numbers show that the city’s English proficiency rate increased by 0.7 percent over the previous year, while math scores rose by 2.9 percent.
Data show that the city’s Asian children had the highest rates of English and math proficiency, yet again.
Math: 74.4 percent of students made it to the grade. White students were at 66.6, Hispanics 33.2, and African Americans 28.2.
According to the figures, all ethnic groups saw math gains, with whites increasing by 3 percent, Hispanics improving by 2.9, African Americans 2.8, and Asians 2.2.
Asian children also lead the way in English proficiency with a 66.7 percent proficiency rate. Whites followed at 36.5, Hispanics at 36.5, and blacks at 35. The category saw slight increases for all groups.
According to the state, city charter schools now teach roughly 10% of the city’s students and have outperformed traditional public school systems again.
The grade was made by 57.3 percent of charter-city kids in English. This is the same percentage as last year. 63.2 percent were proficient in math, which is a jump of 3.6 points.
The Success Academy charter schools achieved top scores on state tests again.
The exam was taken by 7,405 Success Academy students. 99 percent of them passed math. 86 percent reached the highest level at 4.
90% of English students passed the exam, with 41% passing the highest mark.
Officials from the Network highlighted Flatbush’s performance, with all 47 third-graders passing both exams. Officials said that the school opened in 2016 and does not offer older grades.
To discuss the results, Mayor Bill de Blasio will be joined by Richard Carranza, Schools Chancellor, at a press conference on Thursday afternoon.


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