Electrical Machinery By Dr. P S Bimbhra

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1 Transformers

2 Electromechanical Power Conversion Precept

Three Fundamental Ideas of Rotating Electrical Machines

four DC machines5 Polyphase synchronous machine

6 Polyphase Induction Motors

7 Armature Windings8 Appendix A

9 Appendix B

About tuhis book :

1Funded by a grant from the Nationwide Mission on Training by way of ICT, This Textbook Companion and Scilab codes written in it may be downloaded from the ”Textbook Companion Undertaking” part on the web site http://scilab.inScilab numbering coverage used on this doc and the relation to the above guide. Exa Instance (Solved instance) Eqn Equation (Specific equation of the above guide) AP Appendix to Instance(Scilab Code that’s an Appednix to a specific Instance of the above guide) For instance, Exa 3.51 means solved instance 3.51 of this guide. Sec 2.Three means a scilab code whose idea is defined in Part 2.Three of the guide.


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