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How to pronounce the in English

Are you able you pronounce THE The book English correctly? Do you mean “the Book”? Or “this book”? Then you’re in luck because, in this post, you’ll find the correct answer via the video I’ve added.
Did you realize that THE is in English is the very first word in the top ten terms commonly used words in the Anglo-Saxon language? It is true that, as you notice, it’s the most frequently used word in English, and we’re likely to say it hundreds of times in a moment in a conversation. Therefore, it’s worth checking whether we speak THE in English and make sure that we’re making it suitable.

In the video below, I will show you the correct pronunciation of THE In English in a simple way to be remembered. Have a look.

The first thing we need to mention about THE AND its pronunciation is it’s typically pronounced without the accent. That is, we should use the weak form of the word and say it quickly and use the reduced vowel.

It’s it is not “thE book”; instead, it is “th’book” nearly without pronouncing it and instead focusing on”book” “book” for this instance.


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