most used words in english with pronunciation

English might seem easy to native English speakers, but for those whose first language isn’t English it can be a challenge to learn the pronunciation of the words. The new English speaker is not required to only master the new vocabulary, but also, unlike other languages, such as French or Italian speaking in English, they must discover the right words to emphasize to ensure that sentences sound right.

The pronunciation of English is able to be improved through working on the words to be highlighted.

A ‘stressed’ language. English is a language that has been stressed which means that certain words are more prominent in their pronunciation than others. There will be a mix of words that are stressed and unstressed in accordance with the form employed. Use these guidelines to aid you in improving your pronunciation.

Determine which words describe or contain the details of the. Words that are used to describe content are said with more emphasis or with more stress. Content words are essential because they contain the most details. They include adjectives, verbs, nouns and adjectival terms.

This is an example sentence that has underlined.

Jane went towards the corner to get on an bus.

Take a moment to read the sentence and listen while the sentence is read. Are you able to pronounce content more strongly? Consider the words you’re using in the text, and in the case of a content word, the emphasis should be placed on it.

Find out the function. English also contains words referred to as function words. Like their names they join concepts or phrases that are distinct in the context of a sentence. Functions can have ambiguous meaning. Functions could refer to any determinative word, such as or auxiliary verbs, such as are, were and prepositions like before and after, or conjunctions like but or and pronouns like they or they. They’re not that important for anyone else but to connect the sentences in a proper manner. Function words shouldn’t be stressed because of this. Consider the same sentence and stress the words that are used for function more. It’s like you swallowed or speaking it with less breath.

Jane went up to the corner to get on an bus.

Then, you can put the pieces in. Then you’ve learned the fundamental concepts for the correct English pronunciation. Now is the time to put into practice the concepts you’ve learned. Take any English textbook and read a few paragraphs. Be careful not to stress functions words, but pay particular pay attention to the importance of content . Combining this with a lot of time spent talking with native English speakers, can help you improve the pronunciation of your English.


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