Power Electronics Handbook Devices Circuits and Applications Second Edition by Muhammad H. Rashid

About this book :

Energy electronics is the applying of solid-state electronics to the management and conversion of electrical energy.

The primary excessive energy digital units had been mercury-arc valves. In fashionable programs, the conversion is carried out with semiconductor switching units resembling diodes, thyristors, and energy transistors resembling the facility MOSFET and IGBT. In distinction to digital programs involved with transmission and processing of indicators and knowledge, in energy electronics substantial quantities {of electrical} power are processed. An AC/DC converter (rectifier) is the most common energy electronics machine discovered in lots of shopper digital units, e.g. tv units, private computer systems, battery chargers, and many others. The facility vary is usually from tens of watts to a number of hundred watts. In trade a typical utility is the variable velocity drive (VSD) that’s used to manage an induction motor. The facility vary of VSDs begin from just a few hundred watts and finish at tens of megawatts.


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