Prononciation anglaise

For a local French speaker, English pronunciation presents a number of difficulties. Some sounds don’t exist in French, and the straightforward spelling of a phrase is just not sufficient to make sure its pronunciation. Different guidelines additionally come into play, such because the tonic accent and the rhythm of sentences. However some ideas can nonetheless make your life a lot simpler!

On this English pronunciation course, you’ll be taught all of the important ideas to accurately pronounce Shakespeare’s language:

the english alphabet
the worldwide phonetic alphabet
new sounds in english
consonants and vowels
the intonation
the rhythm of the language

This complete English pronunciation course comes with audio clips spoken by an genuine American speaker. Supreme for engaged on each your ear and your talking, and avoiding pronunciation errors!

On the finish of this course, you’ll have acquired all of the keys to enhance your English pronunciation every day. The target of this guide: that will help you achieve talking confidence and information you in direction of the proper pronunciation of every phrase.

Phonetics in English: announcing phrases accurately

English phonetics is without doubt one of the first ideas to grasp to keep away from any threat of unhealthy pronunciation. Shakespeare’s language has greater than 44 sounds, known as phonemes. There are greater than 1,000 methods to write down these sounds! Instance: the letter E could be pronounced in a number of methods relying on the letters that precede or comply with it.

Earlier than detailing all of the syllables, consonants and phonemes of the English language, let us take a look at some examples of letters or letter associations whose pronunciation will change relying on the phrase.

Instance : the best way to pronounce the A in English?
Let’s begin with the first letter of the alphabet: A. It seems in every of the next English phrases:

close to
known as

The pronunciation of phrases in English: four difficulties to know

To work on English pronunciation, you should first know four principal difficulties. The primary is the existence of sure sounds absent from the French language similar to TH. The second is the precise rhythm imposed particularly by the tonic accents. The third is the pronunciation of the phrases: the spelling doesn’t point out this. Lastly, the 4th is the number of regional accents.

To grasp the pronunciation of phrases in English, you should subsequently have in mind:

English phonology, that’s to say the numerous sounds that don’t exist in French similar to English TH or diphthongs, which we are going to element under
the totally different language rhythm, with tonic accents and particular intonation relying on the sentences
that the pronunciation of the phrase is just not indicated by its spelling, not like different languages ​​similar to German for instance
that the identical phrase could be pronounced in another way relying on the origin of the speaker: the British accent is totally different from the American accent, the Australian accent, and so forth.


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