Single-phase Home Electrical Installation Manual

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Low voltage electrical regulations govern single-phase home installations. This includes technical specifications (ITC) BT 01 through BT51. The most recent version was implemented on September 18, 2002.
This is crucial for electrical installers. However, we will only be referring to the instructions to make sure we are familiar with them. Diagrams are used to show installations and help us understand the connections between them. It is important to understand safety regulations and the installation procedures before you attempt to install a single-phase electric installation at your home.

To return to the main topic, there are two types of diagrams. One is simplified to just a few details and is called a one-line diagram. The other is more detailed and allows us to understand how the operation works, conduct the wiring, and aid in its maintenance.

The amount of electrification and the load on electrical equipment.
It is important to determine the load of the electrical equipment. This can be done by knowing the power (watts), of all receivers that will need to be connected and then adding them together to get the installed load.

This is not an a priori decision. The Low Voltage Electrical Technical Regulations (REBT), however, determines the level of electrification for the residence based on the desired use. There are two levels:

Basic electrification

Elevated electrification
Basic electrification: Will meet the main usage requirements. The expected power at 230 V is not lower than 5750W, no matter how much the user would like to reduce it.

Elevated electrification is required to meet the basic electrification requirements, as well as the needs of electric heating and air conditioning systems. It also must be sufficient to cover the area of the house that exceeds 160 square meters. In these cases, the expected power must not be less than 9.200W.

This section focuses on the basics of the manual. As you move along, you’ll learn more techniques for single-phase installation in homes.


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