The basic way to learn English without a teacher

Welcome my friends to your site to learn .Today I present to youThe basic way to learn English without a teacherH PERFECT GRAMMAR

Here’s a secret: It is possible to learn English without the help of a teacher or textbook. Learn from the English you see every day. You just need to look for it.

Consider all the teachers you have.

Talk to people you trust:friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, waiters, waitresses, and taxi drivers, flight attendants and salespeople, landlords and hair stylists, and the person next to you at parties

Things that you see everyday traffic signs, supermarket signs, maps, social posts, brochures, and newspapers.

Every day, you hear these sounds: Radio, TV, announcements and music, podcasts, the noisy persons sitting next to you in a cafe

These are your teachers and you can interact with them (mostly). Your English will improve naturally if you can interact with people and the things around you. Interaction is about thinking about what you read and hearing others’ comments, responding to them, and taking notes on things that you notice.

  • Look up words that you don’t understand in the paper.
  • Pay attention to the way flight attendants and cashiers talk to you.
  • Pay attention to different styles of language.
  • Check the back of your cereal box.
  • To learn slang, watch TV sitcoms.
  • Pay more attention to the signs

Keep a journal and write down your observations. If you’re taking English classes, ask your teacher about what you have seen or heard.

You can learn from the English around you. If you don’t live in an English-speaking area, you will need to work harder and be more creative. However, it is possible to search the Internet for many of these items.


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