The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) offers free English courses. This is a program designed to strengthen key skills in the academic expression of English, both written and oral.

UNAM has developed this project based on an open platform called UAPs B@UNAM. It is available to teachers and students. The platform is divided into different modalities that range from practice and evaluation, to learning and certification.

Courses offered at UNAM-San Antonio


The University of Mexico in San Antonio, Texas, offers free courses in English and Spanish. These classes are designed to help international students learn the language of their new home, while providing an opportunity to immerse themselves in Mexican culture and history.

These courses, which are offered on a semester-long basis, meet twice a week on an evening schedule. The classes cover the basics of the language including speaking, reading, writing and grammar. They are also a good way to improve your vocabulary and idioms.

There are many ways to learn a new language, so choosing the best one is a personal decision that depends on your learning style. For example, some people prefer to study in a classroom, while others find it more beneficial to work on their own at home or at the library. Regardless of your preference, you should always make sure that your chosen program will be a good fit for you.

Another great option is to enroll in a hybrid course, which combines an online and face-to-face element. This option is ideal for those who are time poor or would rather save money by attending classes in the comfort of their own homes.

If you are considering attending a course at UNAM-San Antonio, be sure to check out the online schedule. This will help you find the perfect class for your needs and schedule.

In addition to the usual suspects, UNAM-San Antonio also offers a number of other courses that are not part of their regular offerings. These include a variety of workshops and seminars.

The best part about the program is that it is free, so you don’t have to worry about paying a dime. Moreover, the courses are delivered by world-class instructors and are highly interactive. As a result, you’ll have a much better chance of succeeding in your endeavors. And if you’re lucky, you may even win a prize or two!

Courses offered at UNAM-Mexico City

The largest and oldest public university in Mexico, UNAM teaches students from around the world about the country’s history, culture, politics, and religion. Its UNESCO-recognized campus in the city of Mexico City, known as Ciudad Universitaria (University City), is home to murals by artists such as Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros.

The university is known for its scholarly research, which focuses on topics that are relevant to Mexico and Latin America. The university is divided into faculties, institutes, and centers that cover a variety of scientific disciplines, from biology to engineering.

At UNAM, you can take classes in Spanish language and literature, Latin American history, and international studies. If you’re interested in science, you can also take courses in astronomy, physics, biotechnology, and ecology.

You’ll find more academic options at UNAM than at any other UC campus, including more than 300 majors and more than 15 main colleges. The campus is organized around these colleges and schools, which are referred to as “faculades.”

Many of the courses at UNAM are offered through small classes, so you’ll have more teacher-student interaction than at UC. Classes are typically taught by top-quality professors, so you can be confident that your education at UNAM will be an exceptional experience.

The campus is also a major hub for cultural events, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the music and dance of local cultures. You can see a local artist perform at the university’s concert hall, or drop by one of the museums on campus to learn more about the history of Mexico.

As a large university, UNAM has a strong commitment to research and scholarship. It’s home to 48 research institutes and centers, which conduct research in a range of fields. The university is also an active partner in national research projects, such as the National Seismological Service and the National Astronomical Observatory.

The university’s central campus is a landmark example of 20th-century modernism and architecture, designed by renowned architects such as Mario Pani and Enrique del Moral. In 2007, it was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its unique blend of principles from the modernist movement with features that stem from pre-Hispanic Mexican tradition.

Courses offered at UNAM-Tenochtitlan

Located in the historic city of Mexico City, UNAM is a UNESCO World Heritage site that welcomes over 330,000 students to its 100+ undergraduate and graduate programs. It is ranked #113 worldwide (QS 2019).

This university was founded in 1551 and is one of the oldest universities in Latin America. It has over 4 faculties, institutes, and centers that conduct scientific research throughout the region.

The campus reflects the ethos of Mexican Modernism, which blends traditional elements with the principles of 20th century modernist architecture. Like functionalism, this style is focused on the building’s purpose rather than its aesthetic.

It also focuses on creating a sense of place through its design, which was influenced by Spanish and European architects. For example, the campus’s iconic Estadio Olimpico Universitario was built in preparation for the 1968 Olympics.

You can get a feel for the history of the university by looking at its crest, which was designed by Jose Vasconcelos, the rector of the university in 1920. It is a powerful statement of the institution’s ethos, combining the Mexican eagle with an Andean condor to form a double-headed eagle with a map of Latin America in its center.

The University’s rector envisioned the university as a symbol of the end of conflict and the creation of a new era of unification across Latin America. This vision is imprinted in the crest, which is a beautiful example of Mexican modernist art.

Another rector of the university, Juan de Dios, expressed the idea that education and the arts are essential for uniting people from all backgrounds in Latin America. This is why he fought for the right to open the campus’s doors to all – regardless of nationality or religion.

Today, the rector and his staff still work hard to ensure that this important goal is fulfilled. They are active members of the Mexican Anti-Reform Movement, which seeks to maintain an educational system separate from government control and governed by a collective of students and teachers who have come together to advocate for a more free and democratic society.

Courses offered at UNAM-Guadalajara

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is a public non-profit institution that offers an array of degree programs. Its main campus is in Mexico City, but there are several other campuses throughout the country as well. UNAM is ranked among the top universities in the world and is known for its strengths in Mineral & Mining Engineering, Arts & Design, and Modern Languages.

In addition to their academic offerings, UNAM students have a variety of extracurricular activities available to them. They can take part in sports, attend events at the campus, or participate in other local activities. They also have a great library, which provides students with a wealth of books.

If you are looking for a college experience that is unlike any other, UNAM may be the perfect choice. This institution is a place of learning that is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, and it is known for its rigorous and challenging curriculum. It is a good choice for those who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine or pursuing a graduate program.

Those who are not sure of what they want to study can visit the university’s website. The site includes a list of undergraduate majors, and you can also find out which courses are offered in your field of interest.

Most of the university’s departments offer courses in their area of expertise, but you should always check with the department before you decide on a particular major. This will ensure that you are getting the most out of your time at UNAM.

You will be assigned a professor who will work with you to get the most out of your course of study. They will also help you with your academic goals and advise you on the best options for your future education.

Because classes are normally smaller than those at UC, you will have more opportunity to interact with your professors. They will also be able to meet with you outside of class, which is an excellent opportunity for you to get to know them and learn more about their area of expertise.

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