100 most used verbs in English with pronunciation

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The Most Used Verbs in English – and How to Use Them

The English language has many interesting facets and curiosities, one of which is its verbs. The complexity of the language lies in its numerous verbs, each with its own subtle nuances in meaning and usage, but don’t worry—it’s not as overwhelming as it seems at first! In this article you will learn about the most commonly used verbs in English, along with information on how to use them properly and effectively in your day-to-day speech.

Linking Verbs
I am hungry.
He seems tired.
They remain friends.

Modal Verbs
Can, could, may, might, must, ought to, shall, should, will, would. These are called modal verbs. They are used before other verbs to show ability, possibility, certainty, and so on. For example

Complete List of Most Commonly Used Verbs
The most commonly used verbs in English are: be, have, do, say, get, make, go, take, see, come, know, think, want, give. These verbs are important because they help us communicate basic actions and states of being.

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