500 Basic English Phrases You’ll Use Over and Over

Learning fixed phrases is a great way to get started in English without worrying about grammar. This is the basis of Wall Street English’s method, and it allows you to quickly learn many phrases that you can use at work or when traveling. These are some common phrases that you can use to get started:

10 types to learn english

  1. Do not be afraid to make errors. Making mistakes is how we learn. You’ll continue to learn by trying new things and making mistakes.
  2. Suppose you’re in an English-speaking environment. You can list possible ways to say things and then try them.
  3. Take a picture of new words and phrases you find while out and about.
  4. Practice every day. Set a time limit for studying each week and follow it. Be realistic.
  5. Practice the four core skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening and speaking. All of them will help you improve in different ways.
  6. Keep track of any new words or phrases you learn. Each day, practice 3-4 words/phrases.
  7. Consider how you might use a word or phrase in sentences. Then, try using it in conversation.
  8. English is the best language to communicate with your pet.
  9. You can visit EC’s free Learn English website at least once a day and take a lesson.
  10. You can learn connected speech by watching an English-speaking program and turning the subtitles on for a while. Focus on the differences between the written and spoken form for a few minutes.

You can quickly learn simple phrases to help you survive in many situations. This kind of language learning is available in our Wall Street English class. Learn a few words each day, then practice them whenever you can.


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