250 important words in English

If you’re learning the English language, it is essential to keep in mind that having a vocabulary of 2500-3000 words can help you comprehend most English conversations and articles from newspapers, magazines, etc. The rest of the language can be learned by observing the context. As opposed to trying to learn the entirety of difficult words, it is essential to master the correct language of English words to speak fluently. In this article, we provide an assortment of key terms that are extremely beneficial in your daily vocabulary and assist you in speaking English comfortably.
Vocabulary is likely to be the most crucial thing when you are learning English. You can’t listen, read, write, or speak without words. Have you ever wondered:

“How many words do I need to learn to become fluent in English?”

Take a look in the dictionary. You will discover that there are around 470,000 words that can be found in English. If you can learn 20 words per day, you could need 60 years to master the entire vocabulary!

How to learn English quickly

Get all the information you can get the chance to read.
Paperbacks, classic literature, newspapers, email, websites and your feeds from social media cereal boxes: if it’s written in English, go through it. Why? This material will be packed with delicious new words and a good vocabulary you already have. This will help you improve your skills quickly since re-exposure to the vocabulary you have learned provides new examples to consider in the context, which helps to reinforce those terms in your head. In addition, it is important to learn new words and phrases is vital to building your vocabulary, especially when you’re speaking a language like English that has so many words! But don’t simply take a look and go, and then you’ll need to…

Be aware of the latest terms.
This is a well-known one and has a good reason that it is effective! When we learn, we usually love a new word or phrase to the point that forgetting it is almost impossible. But, trust us when we say that it’s not always easy to remember everything on the first try. To combat this, you should get into carrying around a cool notebook or using a program such as Evernote. If you come across the latest word or phrase, note it in its context: in a sentence and with the meaning of the word noted. This can save time because you don’t have to return to that word or phrase and ask: “What did that word/expression mean again?”

Real-time conversation with live human beings
What’s a language other than to communicate? We, humans, have developed a knack for communicating without speaking, thanks to WhatsApp! However, when push is on the table, it’s the truth that speaking in a foreign language makes it stick in your mind much better than just writing or reading it. Think about the number of instances you’ve heard people claim they “understand, but can’t speak English.” Many potential English users have turned speaking into a formidable obstacle that only serves to stress their way out. Don’t make the same mistake. Find native speakers for informal exchanges, enrol in a class, or even take online classes.


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