There must be plans for your apartment, house, or apartment (Everything depends on what they’re called within your nation). We locate one on the internet and will collaborate with it to understand how to do it;
Create an electronic circle inside the home, and it could be described as its distribution.
The house comprises three bedrooms, a kitchen with a bathroom, one toilet, a dining area: 1 hall, and one terrace.

This sketch can be used to show the position of furniture inside the apartment.

It is essential to take out the circuits used to :

The Outlets
Electric cooker circuits that have heaters for their induction
Circuits for washing machines
The first step is to look at the lighting circuit and demonstrate how the distribution of bulbs would work.

They are powered with two wires: one is the phase, and the second is neutral.

One NEUTRAL WIRE has to reach the bulb. The second phase must be able to reach the bulb in the following manner.

The main electronic circuit is to determine the electronic devices in the rooms connected in parallel.

If the lamp is connected in the OCTAGONAL BOX, this time it is RECESSED on the ceiling. In the case of the box, it can be made of galvanized or plastic.
The neutral cables are located in the lamps (in every lamp). It is vital to note that they do not reach the switch.

The cable’s phase can reach octagonal boxes, and its terminal has to be connected to other areas in the house joined by wires that have neutral at the opposite terminal. It will not reach the lamps on the one side connected to the switch.

The opposite switch’s terminal must be a part of the cables that are attached to lamps in the manner as follows;

The various types of switches can be discussed and offer options as some switches are a bit simple or even double. Some switches can be switched.

The outlets’ distributions are general and used to determine the best locations of the outlets and what rooms they must be located (3 to 4) to set the type (Living-Dining Room). It is recommended to set the outlet to 6 square meters. At a maximum height of (20 centimeters from the floor), the kitchen needs to be placed at a space from 1.10 meters from the point where it starts to melt the floor.

The connecting boards are equipped with one independent switch, which can be used to control all outlets within your home, resulting in an independent electrical circuit.

The washing machine comes with outlets that are not dependent on what other outlets are, the same as with some outlet distributors. You need a neutral or phase cable. This can be due to the arrangement of switches that are part of the same distribution or what it connects to an electrical panel.

This is how we can complete the illustration of this plan, and this will allow you to be aware of how you can conduct the wiring for your homes. Remember that Educateaqui. Online can assist you, and to provide plenty of information.


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