Electric Motors and Control Automation

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An electric motor, as most of us know is an electrical machine that converts electricity into mechanical energy. This motor is used in industrial fans, pumps, blowers, machines, appliances, power tools, and disk drives.

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The electric motor often requires accessories or components that can increase its utility. This is where industrial control automation steps in. These teams can help our motor perform multiple tasks and increase the life expectancy of the operator.

3-phase motor start-stop automation, connection diagram

Basic control systems for industrial use

The long production chains of manufacturing have been the driving force behind the design of large-scale relay boards for continuous process industries. This is also the driving force behind automatic control and instrumentation.

The measurement of process variables is the main source of information in a continuous process. They improve the fundamental elements of process control: regulators (PD.PI.PID. These are the following:

With the advent of automatic control theory in the 1960s, information became more important in people’s lives: design, manufacturing orders, etc. Goal: Reduce downtime and simultaneously process all stages. The 1970s were a prosperous time (with the development of electronic and computer technology).

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