Welcome my friends to your site to learn electrical engineering .Today I present to you Great GUIDES on AUDIO AMPLIFIERS

This material contains graphics, electrotechnical calculations, and a variety of tools that will help you become a technical maintenance expert. You can even learn how to make or rebuild updated equipment using new computerized technologies. Friends, these teams require continuous maintenance and expert technical attention to meet the demands of homes, stations, or any other situation where an amplifier is required.
This material has been extensively edited and adapt to make it understandable for everyone. It also expands the knowledge of audio amplifiers that supports the latest technological theories. These topics include Sound, Structure of a Power Stage or Amplification, Types and Transistor Amplifiers, Types and Distortion of Amplifiers, Component Types, Negative Feedback, Distortion Effects in Amplifiers, Component Types, Component Types, Parts types, Passive Elements, Class D amplifier, Class D amplifier operation, Class-D audio amplifier performance, Distortion In Amplifiers Type D, Design.

Guía básica sobre amplificadores

The contents will be expanded later with graphics that can help you understand the modern professional audio amplifiers. Graphics, drawings, and surprises will be covered. These topics include Octaves of the audio spectrum, Harmonics, Signal at the input or output of a power stage in relation to its amplitude in volts. Global structure of a Power stage. General diagram of audio amplifiers. Knowledge is also enhanced by inherent topics such as Simplified power stage, Class A amplifier (single ended), Class B amplifier push/pull connection, and Class AB amplifier Quasicomplementary.


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