Excel template for calculating Voltage Drop and Electric Cable size

Welcome to your leading site in learning electrical engineering. In this exclusive article I liked to present you Excel template for calculating Voltage Drop and Electric Cable size

One of the most factors to think about when completing the electrical installation is that the section of the cables and therefore the drop that happens counting on the space, temperature, exposure environment, among other factors that influence this calculation.

We must also consider that performing these calculations take their due time, something that we don’t wear occasions once we do an electrical survey, for this reason, this Excel template can save us time and solve some problems when calculating the size of the cables and therefore the falling voltage in it

Reference when we talk about wire size and voltage drop or voltage

The concept refers to the diameter of the cable, usually copper, no matter the insulating coating. This thickness will determine the quantity of current (in amps) that the cable can withstand without causing overheating. Therefore, the right execution of this calculation is important for the security of the equipment.

The actual drop may vary supported cable condition, conduit used, temperature, connectors, frequency, etc. it’s recommended that the drop under full load conditions is a smaller amount than 5%.

Given the wire gage, voltage, current, and length, calculate the drop within the AC or DC circuit. Given the allowable drop, determine the right size for the circuit, including the minimum wire gage and maximum conductor length.

Other calculations can be found in this Excel template

Calcule la caída de voltaje del cable.
Calcule el tamaño del cable según la carga eléctrica.
Calcular la capacidad actual del cable.
Calcule Numero (No.) del recorrido del cable.
Calcule la caída de voltaje de arranque del motor.
Calcule la caída de voltaje de funcionamiento del motor.
Seleccione el arrancador apropiado para el motor.


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