Manuel de généralités et de connexions pour les moteurs triphasés

Welcome my friends to your site to learn electrical engineering .Today I present to you Manuel de généralités et de connexions pour les moteurs triphasés

We are aware that you have read the manual. However, we will first analyze to determine the connections between three-phase induction motors.
Three-phase induction motor. An asynchronous or induction motor is an AC motor that generates torque by inducing the magnetic field generated from a stator coil with electromagnetic induction. Induction motors are not like other motors such as DC motors or large-scale synchronous ones. They do not require mechanical commutation to transfer energy from the stator to the motor. Excitement.

Three-phase induction motors: Operation and parts
A three-phase asynchronous motor is composed of a rotor. This can be either a squirrel cage or a winding and stator. The induction coil is found in the rotor. These three-phase coils have a phase shift of 120 degrees in space. Ferrari’s theorem states that if a three-phase balanced current system circulates within these coils with a phase shift 120o, a rotating magnetic force is created around the rotor.

The variable magnetic field will cause a voltage to the rotor in Faraday’s law. This is because the motor is not connected to its rotor winding in an induction engine. It is not connected to the motor’s excitation circuit. It is embedded in the groove at a uniform distance and distributed along its length.

The rod connects to the rotor via a ring. This is a short circuit, as an electrician would describe it. These rods are attached to the ends of the bars made from steel. This component is similar in appearance to a small rotating cage that is used to house pets like hamsters. An induction motor is also called a squirrel cage motor.

Connectors for three-phase motors
We are electricians and we understand how delicate and important the connection to electric motors can be. This is why we created this guide of 30 pages. It will help you quickly identify and learn the various connections. This manual is for motors with three-phase power.

Before you download the material, please take a look at the information about connections for three-phase motors.

A three-phase winding circuit may be connected in a star or triangle.

Star connection: All coil ends are connected at the same point and fed from other ends.
In a Delta connection, however, each coil’s end is connected at the start of the next stage. This feeds the system through the connection point.
Star connection: The current flowing through each phase matches that of the line current. Also, the voltage applied to each phase (less than 3) is less than the line potential. The delta connection is different. In the star connection, the current flowing through every phase (the root of wire 3), is less than the line current. Each phase experiences the same voltage as line voltage.

If the motor is designed for 230V power, it can be connected both to a 230V delta network or a 400V star system. Both cases apply 230V to each phase. These connections, known as star or delta, are made on the motor terminal boards.

After all that, we hope you now have a clear understanding of the connections for three-phase induction motors. We’ve provided the manual below in pdf format.


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